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8.23.2012 America wastes 40% of its food!

CNN just released a remarkable story about food waste in the U.S.  It happens at every point of the food chain including us as... read post

8.25.2011 Finally, some great produce offerings...

It has been a very long and very hot summer across our nation.  This week, we are pleased to see many great fresh produce offers... read post

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50.2 Million Living in Food Insecure Households
Of the 50.2 million people living in food insecure households, 33.0 million are adults & 17.2 million are more

Hungry Children in America

4.2 Million with Children were Food Insecure
Children & adults experienced instances of very low food security in 469,000 households (1.2 percent of households with children in 2009) more

Cost of Food

Food Secure Homes Spent 33% More on Food
The typical food-secure household spent 33 percent more on food than the typical food-insecure household of the same size & household more